Corvettes, the old work horses of any fleet. A bit slower than a fighter, but with over twice the hit points (HP) and better defenses. This is the only capital ship that can also pivot in battle. That is a huge advantage. If you master how to move a fighter then you will do just as well with these, if not more so.

Their weapon and armor combination make soup out of other fleets with proper load-outs and movement skills. In a battle vs a fighter fleet you will often win with this fleet as your movement is still very good. You can use virtually any tactic, including the blitz with speed modules attached. Always keep a fleet of these around and well outfitted, and take them alongside your capital ships.

They can be even more effect against capital ships than fighters with the right load-outs. Due to the lower HP, quite often active defenses are the most effective. Popular loadouts:

Best defenses: Phase Shield, Energy Shield, Distortion Web Best defenses: Phase Shield, Distortion Web, Deflector Screen Best defenses: Anti-Missile System, Energy Shield, Distortion Web

Similar to fighters, you can dodge projectiles and most missiles, but beams can still present a problem. Corvettes already have paper thin armor so adding more will not help very much.

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