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The fleet controls in Imperium: Galactic War are extensive, and learning the ins and outs may be the difference between success and failure in sector space.

Selecting ShipsEdit


Combat hex grid

  • Clicking on a ship or its icon in the hex grid (pictured at right) selects it.
  • F1 - F6 now selects the corresponding ship in your fleet.
  • 1 - 6 selects the corresponding ship if there’s no group bound to the key.
  • A and D cycles through the ships in your current fleet.

Multi-Selecting ShipsEdit


Multi-selected ships

  • Shift + Click on an un-selected ship or its icon to add to selection
  • Shift + F1 - F6 adds the corresponding ship to the selection
  • Shift + A or Shift + D adds the next or previous fleet to your selection
  • Ctrl + Drag selects all ships under the rectangle you drag out
  • Shift + Drag adds all ships under the rectangle to your selection
  • Q or Ctrl + A selects all the ships in your fleet
  • Shift + Click on a selected ship or its hex grid icon removes it from the selection

Drag-selected ships

Selecting Ship TypesEdit

  • Double Click on an unselected ship or its icon to select all of its type
  • Double Press F1 - F6 to select all ships of the corresponding type
  • Double Press 1 - 6 (with no bound group) to select all of that type
  • Shift + Double Click ship or icon to add all ships of that type to selection
  • T and R cycle through selecting your ships by ship type

Binding Selection to Hot KeyEdit

Hex Positions

Hex Grid Positions

  • Ctrl + 1 - 6 to bind the selected ships to the pressed number key
  • 1 - 6 selects the bound group instead of the individual ship (if bound)
  • Group bindings are saved (by fleet slot) across battles and fleet changes
  • A ship can be a member of any number of bound groups at a time
  • G and E cycle through the selection of all your bound groups

Commanding ShipsEdit

  • Clicking on an enemy ship orders your selected ships to attack it
  • W and S cycle through the targets in the battle for your selected ships
  • Clicking on open space orders your selected ships to move there

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