The Malus are a race from The Sovereignty. They are tall, well bodied and attractive humanoid creatures indigenous to the planet Loki of the Umbra Quadrant. Prone to privacy, very little is known about their culture or their overall motives. They are the founding race of the The Sovereignty and creators of The Adhocracy Code of Conduct .

The Malus are known for their passion for negotiation, and cunning but amorous temperaments. Their professions range, focusing almost exclusively in trade and services with little regard for particulars- only profit.


Planet of Origin: Loki

Home Quadrant: Umbra Quadrant

Established: 11,000 years ago

Coat of Arms / Faction Symbols: none


The Malus are an attractive, powerful humanoid race standing six feet to seven feet tall. Their sense of style and opulence is legendary throughout the galaxy. Malus natural skin tones are unknown as they use cosmetic sciences to alter them

Notable charactersEdit