Thanerians are a race of canine-like creatures belonging to The Intergalactic Alliance. Hailing from the outer edge of the Comis Quadrant, Thanerians are very long lived with an average life expectancy that is seven times as long as a Terran. They seem to have a mutual loyalty to Terrans.


Planet of Origin: Argos

Home Quadrant: Comis Quadrant

Established: 12,000 years ago

Coat of Arms / Faction Symbols: A Mastiff head in front of the fire moons of Argos


Because of the hundreds of individual sub-races of Thanerians, their appearances and sizes tend to vary greatly. However, it can be surmised that they are generally short in stature, standing at a mere four to five feet tall. They wear heavy armor adorned with family crests and ranks. They are canine-like in appearance but are an entirely bi-pedal species.

Notable charactersEdit