Sovereignty logo

The logo of The Sovereignty.

The Sovereignty (Anarchism Faction) is the most secretive and manipulative of all the Factions. There is an old saying amongst the other Factions that states; “Better to trust a ravenous Thresher Beast than the actions of The Sovereignty”.

On a whole, the Sovereignty has vast amounts of wealth as well as some of the most advanced space travel technologies known to the universe. Rumors have it much of this tech was borrowed or bargained from other races.

Though lacking traditional laws, this Faction operates under a set of principles known as The Adhocracy Code of Conduct. They hail from the Umbra Quadrant.

In the game, The Sovereignty is identified with the color purple.

Doctrine of the Anarchism FactionEdit

  • To achieve true Freedom, I must remain powerful and my enemies weak.
  • Personal responsibility is paramount to sustaining a thriving society.
  • Anticipation, Observation, and Indifference allow for the greatest Manipulation.
  • The true nature of Balance is to remain neutral in all things - never bragging about exploits or victories, but instead letting material wealth show my worth.

Philosophy and GovernmentEdit

Adhocracy: Anarchist in nature, The Sovereignty has no true ruling class but instead, everyone within takes personal responsibility for their own existence.


  • Manipulate the other Factions into all-out war with each other
  • Control Center Space from behind the scenes
  • Manipulate The Imperium to the benefit of The Sovereignty