The Veil are a race belonging to The Sovereignty. They are a society of armor clad near-humanoids of varying size and shape. Regardless of their physical form, very little is known about The Veil. The IGA has multiple conflicting reports concerning their kind and most encounters with them have been of a singular nature. Some reports claim they are silent, merciless warriors on par with the Tyrannar, while others have noted them as simple yet peaceful scientists. Still others refer to them as shrewd, business-minded diplomats. To date there is no evidence to support any of the above theories or lend a physical description of the beings that dwell under the armor.


Planet of Origin: Golem 3

Home Quadrant: Umbra Quadrant

Established: 11,000 years ago

Coat of Arms / Faction Symbols: The Mask (Veil)


The appearance of the Veil is unknown. They outfit themselves in large ornate suits of armor, leaving little indication of their natural appearance. Each member has a unique set of armor, varying in form and function, that come in various colors and designs. Some have only a single appendage while others have four or five. Many have standard humanoid forms, while others have treads or float along the surface.

Notable characters Edit