Tyrannar Empire logo

Tyrannar Empire logo

The Tyrannar Empire (Authority Faction) is the oldest of the three player-run Factions. Ruled by The Nine, a powerful council of Supreme Archons, the Empire has flourished for centuries. Some say the Empire was formed from lesser races within Imperium space banished during the Galactic Wars but this rumor has never been substantiated and no one dare ask the Imperium for their side of the story.This Faction hails from the Iratus Quadrant.

The Tyrannar Empire and all associated with it are colored red in Imperium: Galactic War.

Doctrine of the Authority FactionEdit

  • All actions are to further the glory of the Tyrannar Empire.
  • Defeat all enemies swiftly, decisively, and without remorse.
  • Forge unbreakable bonds with your allies, as their success is the Empire's success.
  • Amass personal wealth and power, for as you grow, so does the Empire.

Philosophy and GovernmentEdit

Oligarchy: Authoritarian in nature, The Nine are a group of nine Supreme Archons represented by the three master races of the Tyrannar Empire.